Product warranty

All DIVINE products are created only from high-tech materials, supplied by world-renowned suppliers, maintaining constant high quality and noticeable parameters. The production of the garments is carried out under strict management in modern equipped factories located only within the EU. A Japanese quality system with triple control at all stages of production ensures precise final execution. Every single DIVINE product that has an attached “Certificate of Quality” card is covered by warranty. The warranty applies to defects that occur during normal operation during the warranty period due to human error in manufacturing or poor quality materials and components. DIVINE gives a quality guarantee for 24 months from the date of purchase of the product. If the date of purchase is not reflected in this card, the date of manufacture of the product, reflected in its serial number, is considered valid. Warranty conditions: The warranty is valid only upon presentation of a warranty card and compliance with the defective product. The warranty includes: zippers, seams, taping, buttons, cords, stoppers, straps and trimmings. Before buying the product, consult your seller, try it on and correctly determine the most suitable size for you. Warranty service for sewn seams in case of incorrectly selected size may be refused. The warranty is void in the event of damage caused by misuse, negligence or anything within the permissible normal wear and tear.

The warranty does not include:

Tearing and damage to the surface of the material caused by contact with any object that is not part of the product. Burns and damage caused by material melting from fire or hot surfaces. Damage to zippers caused by excessive pulling force or aggressive closing or opening of a zipper. Membrane damage, smearing and sticking seams as a result of contamination or improper care (washing, drying, ironing). Color loss and/or color migration: DIVINE production department will determine (according to company test analysis) whether there is a defect in the inserted fabric.

Water resistance:

DIVINE is based on test metrics on the question of problem availability. In case of problems with surface wetting, DIVINE recommends the application of special water repellent/impregnating preparations. Any damage to leather items (natural or synthetic) caused by washing or cleaning.