How the DIVINE brand was born

August 8, 2022

DIVINE is where fashion meets the divine essence of nature and the animal world.

It is not by chance that the DIVINE brand chooses one of the most beautiful and noble forest animals as its symbol, namely the deer. The brand unites the idea of ​​beauty, elegance, perfection and greatness.

DIVINE was inspired by unadulterated style, comfort, beauty and love of winter sports.

DIVINE is a combination of creativity, tenderness, clean lines and aims to inspire self-confidence, comfort, but also a divine feeling of ultimate uniqueness, beauty and charm.

DIVINE is not just a brand, DIVINE is the foundation of a society of people who value uniqueness and sophisticated looks. A group of innovators who set new trends and are not afraid to express themselves and their understandings and tastes.

For us, the creators of DIVINE, quality, beauty and uniqueness are constant features of the products we create and we strongly believe that the efforts we make to make you feel confident and bold will be greatly appreciated.